Born out of decades of construction experience and frustration with traditional framing methods, Acculign’s products are the ultimate solution to one of the building and design industries’ most common problems: the difficulty in achieving perfect cladding results. Traditionally, cladding alignment has been a time-consuming, budget-inflating concern. But with the arrival of Acculign, it no longer has to be. Our products shrink project schedules; radically reduce on-site inefficiencies, unnecessary consumption, and waste; and increase overall savings of time and money. Best of all, they dramatically improve project quality by allowing for micro-precise cladding alignment, for the very first time in commercial construction history.


Acculign’s mission? Problem solving through innovation. That’s what led our Founder to invent his first product: the need to reduce natural inefficiencies and increase productivity within traditional hanging and framing systems. Driven by a creative mind and a deep desire to innovate, Andre has continuoued to improve on his designs, inventing an entire line of products that have earned acclaim from general contractors and builders, architects and designers, owners and installers.

But we’re not just innovation leaders. We’re also supporters of greener project sites. By helping crews to work more efficiently, we help eliminate unnecessary materials consumption and waste. Better for your projects. Better for your clients. Better for the planet.

At Acculign, we’re proud to work with some of the most forward-thinking and business-savvy professionals in the design and construction industries. We’d love for one of them to be you.