At the helm of this skyrocketing company you will find a boot-strapping management team consisting of journeymen contractors, innovators, and expert business development professionals. The founders of Acculign collectively have more than 30 years of experience constructing and remodeling high-end retail stores for top Fortune 100 companies.


André Duranleau


With over 20 years in the commercial construction industry, André has a wealth of tactical experience building, designing, installing, and leading crews for industry giants such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel. His vast construction portfolio includes building more than 30 stores for Apple, Inc., including some of their largest flagship stores in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Dubai. André’s natural gift as an innovator, along with an inherent strength for working in this deadline-driven environment has given him a competitive edge when it comes to designing and managing for a client’s project.

Naturally adept at precision, André began his career building large cleanrooms, X-ray machine support systems, surgical stations, catwalks, and computer access floors for Unistrut. He then spent the next ten years with Bayside Interiors honing his skills and his encyclopedic knowledge of the construction business. His in-depth education includes drafting, CAD, welding, carpentry, manufacturing, and many more facets of construction and design.

If you’ve ever witnessed André fall down a mountain when snow skiing, you would understand that he gives his all in everything he does. If André is not skiing, camping or attending a concert; he’s building something new in his shop. He is captivated by documentaries and podcasts, and is always sharing his new intellectual, business, or trivia finds. At least 3-5 times a day, he shouts out, “I have an idea!” and most of them are ingenious. He explores these ideas with a zest that is only comparable to the love he has for his big family, with whom he spends as much time as possible.


Bridget Saladino


Bridget brings more than twenty five years of experience in marketing, brand building, and business development. She has experience in political campaign management, running PR and PA agencies, and has directed branding, messaging, and strategy for multi-national corporations, such as: Walmart, Xerox, and eHealth Insurance.

Entrepreneur for life, Bridget started her first business at age 9, second at age 12, and then there was no looking back. She has founded and successfully grown four startup companies over the past 25 years. As President of Acculign, Bridget works to expand Acculign and its brand. She creates strategic and long-term goals, all while evaluating existing plans to ensure the company continues to flourish. In addition to her work life, she is a go-to on what’s trending in Portland, and is a connoisseur of the Rose City's food scene, crafted cocktails, and indie films. Bridget acquired three graduate degrees that help inform her life, advocacy, parenting, and work style. She has a fierce love of travel, skiing, and weekend adventures with her two daughters and her sweetheart.


Brewster Crosby

Senior Vice President of Finance

Brewster brings over 10 years of experience in private equity to Acculign, specifically a focus on financing and business development with early stage growth opportunities. He has extensive knowledge in deal flow sourcing, due diligence/analysis, and entrepreneurial growth strategy.

As an operating partner, he assists entrepreneurial management teams to set goals, raise capital, grow revenues, and manage growth. He has held board member and advisory roles for numerous companies as well as several nonprofit organizations for over 20 years. Brewster plays as hard as he works, risking life and limb for a good climb, snow or water ski, or even a motorcycle trip through Vietnam. He pulls it all together in a fixer-upper house with his wife and two kids and a side brewery gig.


Bryant Kraus

Finance Director

Bryant has more than 8 years of experience in financial management for growth companies, with a demonstrated history of working in marketing, advertising, and construction. He excels in cash flow management, job costing, financial statement preparation, and expense management.

He is a strong accounting professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) focused in Accounting from University of Portland. Bryant is also a former professional baseball player and spent two-years developing youth baseball programs in Australia.


Chris Maffei

Senior Project Manager

With over 15 years of experience in the construction industry, Chris Maffei is ready to take on any project. Chris honed his skill set working alongside some of New England's finest craftsman on technically demanding projects. He is skilled in all phases of commercial, remediation and residential construction including new building, remodels and tenant improvement, with a focus on complex projects and fast paced schedules.

Chris' extensive on-the-job experience has trained him in planning, design and construction process. He has proven ability to work well with clients, architects and subcontractors where thorough communication, organization and time management are always a priority. Chris puts his leadership skills to work on every project with intense pre-evaluation of every step of the construction process, constant planning and direct, concise communication.


Ben Horn

Global Business Development Manager

From project engineering to national sales and strategy, Ben brings over 12 years of experience with him to Acculign. His genuine, engaging personality blends perfectly with his inherent mechanical know-how. His ability to cultivate strong mutually beneficial relationships has lead him to make record breaking deals across the world.

An Oregon native, Ben now calls Seattle his home base. When he is not traveling the world for Acculign, you can find him golfing, hiking, camping, and hanging out with his close-knit family. He loves big dogs and he can not lie, and big Chief (Bernese Mountain Dog) has stolen all our hearts. When you hear a guy like Ben say he’s taking his Mom to a U2 concert in SF for Mother’s Day, you know you’ve found a keeper.


Scott Blessman

Service Channel Manager/Project Manager

Scott is an experienced project manager and has been with Acculign almost since the beginning. At Acculign, he is responsible for maintaining relationships with Construction Services Managers nationwide and maintaining a high standard of productivity and workmanship for our technicians.

A Licensed Oregon General Contractor, he is the Responsible Managing Individual on local projects. His time is split between the road and the office, and his love for travel is complemented by getting to visit various worksite locations for a large number of projects. As an outdoor enthusiast, you will find him camping, fishing, or skiing when given the opportunity. At the end of the day he enjoys spending time with friends and his beautiful wife Tess.


Sayed Sarwary

Marketing Manager

Sayed is a marketing and branding professional with 5 years of international experience in digital marketing, print-media advertising, marketing automation, analytics and research.

As a digital marketing strategist, Sayed has led marketing projects in web design & development, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and online customer management systems. His unique blend of marketing, IT, and artistic skills inject innovation and creativity into his work. Sayed doesn’t just kick butt at the office, he is a black belt martial artist, boxer, and MMA fighter! In his spare time he enjoys working out, cooking, and spending quality time with his big family.


Allison Benson

Operations Specialist

Allison joined Acculign with over 6 years of operational experience. She is our "Jane of all trades" lending support to our executive management team, marketing department, and the overall and ever-changing operational needs of the company.

As a college student, Allison started a company with her father direct marketing wild Alaskan sockeye salmon to "the lower 48." This entrepreneurial adventure gave her exposure to the many facets of owning and managing a small business. After a 5 year stint in New Orleans, Allison has landed back in her home town of Portland, where you can find her playing tennis, re-exploring PDX's restaurant scene on a nice (or rainy) day, and spending time with her tight-knit family.