At the helm of this skyrocketing company you will find a boot-strapping management team consisting of journeymen contractors, innovators, and expert business development professionals. The founders of Acculign collectively have more than 30 years of experience constructing and remodeling high-end retail stores for top Fortune 100 companies.


André Duranleau


With over 20 years in the commercial construction industry, André has a wealth of tactical experience building, designing, installing, and leading crews for industry giants such as Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Intel. His vast construction portfolio includes building more than 30 stores for Apple, Inc., including some of their largest flagship stores in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, and Dubai. André’s natural gift as an innovator, along with an inherent strength for working in this deadline-driven environment has given him a competitive edge when it comes to designing and managing for a client’s project.

Naturally adept at precision, André began his career building large cleanrooms, X-ray machine support systems, surgical stations, catwalks, and computer access floors for Unistrut. He then spent the next ten years with Bayside Interiors honing his skills and his encyclopedic knowledge of the construction business. His in-depth education includes drafting, CAD, welding, carpentry, manufacturing, and many more facets of construction and design.

If you’ve ever witnessed André fall down a mountain when snow skiing, you would understand that he gives his all in everything he does. If André is not skiing, camping or attending a concert; he’s building something new in his shop. He is captivated by documentaries and podcasts, and is always sharing his new intellectual, business, or trivia finds. At least 3-5 times a day, he shouts out, “I have an idea!” and most of them are ingenious. He explores these ideas with a zest that is only comparable to the love he has for his big family, with whom he spends as much time as possible.


Bridget Saladino


Bridget brings more than twenty five years of experience in marketing, brand building, and business development. She has experience in political campaign management, running PR and PA agencies, and has directed branding, messaging, and strategy for multi-national corporations, such as: Walmart, Xerox, and eHealth Insurance.

Entrepreneur for life, Bridget started her first business at age 9, second at age 12, and then there was no looking back. She has founded and successfully grown four startup companies over the past 25 years. As President of Acculign, Bridget works to expand Acculign and its brand. She creates strategic and long-term goals, all while evaluating existing plans to ensure the company continues to flourish. In addition to her work life, she is a go-to on what’s trending in Portland, and is a connoisseur of the Rose City's food scene, crafted cocktails, and indie films. Bridget acquired three graduate degrees that help inform her life, advocacy, parenting, and work style. She has a fierce love of travel, skiing, and weekend adventures with her two daughters and her sweetheart.