If the Acculign Precision Hanger is the hero of our line, our Accu-Panel+ is the whole show—your end-to-end solution, from behind-the-scenes framing to the perfect finished face. The most flexible and precise system on the market, Accu-Panel+ combines the benefits of quick and easy installation, precise panel alignment, panel unitization (where applicable), and multiple panel options—a turnkey solution that simplifies your life and maximizes your savings.


Whether you’re designing or building—and whether you’re working with quartz, natural stone, or ACM; acrylic solid surface, sintered stone, or porcelain tile; stainless steel, glass, or some other unique surface—Accu-Panel+ systems are engineered to perfectly meet your technical needs. Our strong relationships with some of the world’s largest and best known leaders in cladding manufacturing and supply make us the perfect partner for your unique project. With Accu-Panel+ you’ll get just one spec, a custom turnkey solution that takes into account every aspect of your project. Every challenge, front to back, is carefully considered, and every component seamlessly integrated.

The best designs and the best projects call for the best custom-designed systems. That’s what you need. That’s Accu-Panel+.