The hero of our product line is the Acculign Precision Hanger, a patented cladding hanger that provides instant cladding alignment through the simple turn of a bolt—without anyone having to remove the panel. Hang it once, adjust and align it instantly, and you’re done. It’s as easy as it sounds. The hanger adjusts along every line of axis: up/down, in/out, at the top, middle, and bottom of every panel. Just turn the bolt and position the panel exactly where you want it, adjusting it all the way down to a fraction of a millimeter.


Are Acculign panels designed for interiors or exteriors?

Both. Acculign precision-engineered products are designed to meet your exact project needs—for both exterior and interiors—whatever the design conditions or environment.

Less handling of the cladding during installation means there’s less opportunity for damage to occur, and more precise alignment up front leads to a dramatically decreased need for follow-up adjustments later. The takeaway? Using the Acculign Precision Hanger can shave weeks and even months off your project schedule and result in a healthy 75 percent savings of installation time and associated costs.

Hanging panels has never been more affordable, faster, or safer. And now for the first time ever, it’s possible to hang them perfectly—every single time.


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