Sure, the Acculign Precision Hanger will make your project run more smoothly and save you and your client money. But that’s not the only way we can help. When you use the groundbreaking custom Acculign Framing System, inspired by our precision hanger, your prefabricated framing system arrives on-site, ready to install. No need for time-consuming framing methods that require  on-site fabrication and assembly.

Like our other products, the Acculign Framing System saves installation time and integrates seamlessly with other vendors’ needs. Whatever your project’s unique conditions, we’ll provide you with a wide range of solutions, including unitization of panels to help you save even more in time, materials, and money. The Acculign Framing System offers the same benefits you can expect from using our Acculign Precision Hanger, but on a larger scale. Even more support. Even more savings. Even more peace of mind.

Acculign was key to making this unique project a success; I don’t think we could have done it without them.
— Dan N., development manager, Fortune 5 Company