Perfectly Hung Cladding

Your clients want the best, for less. You’ll settle for nothing less than perfection and a smooth project schedule. Acculign has both your backs, providing the only mechanically adjustable cladding support system in the world that allows for on-the-spot, micro-precise panel alignment. Just hang it once, and with a simple turn of the bolt, adjust the alignment after installation.

No need to hang, remove, and re-hang panels repeatedly to get the adjustment just right. No need to settle for imperfection in order to keep your project on schedule. Our innovative, patented technology reduces installation time by 75 percent and facilitates micro-precise alignment that compensates for even the most extreme field imperfections—one of the most common sources of frustration on a job site.

The result? Perfectly hung cladding, happier clients, safer job sites, and a dramatically healthier bottom line.

It’s easy being green when you use Acculign products. Our focus is on helping you realize perfect results, with greater ease, at lower costs. One important side benefit? A smaller carbon footprint. At Acculign, we’re continually mindful of the environmental impacts of building projects, and we consistently strive to reduce those impacts by minimizing and eliminating unnecessary waste.

We’re also supporters of greener project sites. By helping crews to work more efficiently, we help eliminate unnecessary materials consumption and waste. Better for your projects. Better for your clients. Better for the planet.

Wow! A half of a façade installed in one day?! You make this look like magic!
— Cladding Manufacturer