"The best cladding support system in
the world."

–Top Fortune 50 Company   


Perfectly Hung Cladding

Your clients want the best, for less. You’ll settle for nothing less than perfection and a smooth project schedule. Acculign has both your backs, providing the only mechanically adjustable cladding support system in the world that allows for on-the-spot, micro-precise panel alignment. Just hang it once, and with a simple turn of the bolt, adjust the alignment after installation.

No need to hang, remove, and re-hang panels repeatedly to get the adjustment just right. No need to settle for imperfection in order to to keep your project on schedule. Our innovative, patented technology reduces installation time by 75 percent and facilitates micro-precise alignment that compensates for even the most extreme field imperfections—one of the most common sources of frustration on a job site.

The result? Perfectly hung cladding, happier clients, safer job sites, and a dramatically healthier bottom line.


Q: Are Acculign systems designed for interiors or exteriors?

A: Both. Acculign precision-engineered products are designed to meet your exact project needs—for both exteriors and interiors—whatever the design conditions or environment.


It’s easy being green when you use Acculign products. Our focus is on helping you realize perfect results, with greater ease, at lower costs. One important side benefit? A smaller carbon footprint. At Acculign, we’re continually mindful of the environmental impacts of building projects, and we consistently strive to reduce those impacts by minimizing and eliminating unnecessary waste.



Top quality products don’t have to blow up your construction budget. In fact, with Acculign, the result is just the opposite: our products result in a significant savings of construction time and associated costs. Our patented, precision-engineered products lower overall costs by 50 percent through the facilitation of perfect, hang-it-once alignment of cladding. What’s more, our facade support system integrates seamlessly with other products, reducing the risk of complications and allowing for an even smoother progression of jobs.

Lower total costs. Greater precision and speed. Fewer complications. No need to choose. With Acculign, you’ll get it all.



The hero of our product line is the Acculign Precision Hanger, a patented cladding hanger that provides instant cladding alignment through the simple turn of a bolt—without anyone having to remove the panel. Hang it once, adjust and align it instantly, and you’re done. It’s as easy as it sounds. The hanger adjusts along every line of axis: up/down, in/out, at the top, middle, and bottom of every panel. Just turn the bolt and position the panel exactly where you want it, adjusting it all the way down to a fraction of a millimeter.

Less handling of the cladding during installation means there’s less opportunity for damage to occur, and more precise alignment up front leads to a dramatically decreased need for follow-up adjustments later. The takeaway? Using the Acculign Precision Hanger can shave weeks and even months off your project schedule and result in a healthy 75 percent savings of installation time and associated costs.

Hanging panels has never been more affordable, faster, or safer. And now for the first time ever, it’s possible to hang them perfectly—every single time.



Sure, the Acculign Precision Hanger will make your project run more smoothly and save you and your client money. But that’s not the only way we can help. When you use the groundbreaking custom Acculign Framing System, inspired by our precision hanger, your prefabricated framing system arrives on-site, ready to install. No need for time-consuming framing methods that require  on-site fabrication and assembly.

Like our other products, the Acculign Framing System saves installation time and integrates seamlessly with other vendors’ needs. Whatever your project’s unique conditions, we’ll provide you with a wide range of solutions, including unitization of panels to help you save even more in time, materials, and money. The Acculign Framing System offers the same benefits you can expect from using our Acculign Precision Hanger, but on a larger scale. Even more support. Even more savings. Even more peace of mind.



If the Acculign Precision Hanger is the hero of our line, our Accu-Panel+ is the whole show—your end-to-end solution, from behind-the-scenes framing to the perfect finished face. The most flexible and precise system on the market, Accu-Panel+ combines the benefits of quick and easy installation, precise panel alignment, panel unitization (where applicable), and multiple panel options—a turnkey solution that simplifies your life and maximizes your savings.

Whether you’re designing or building—and whether you’re working with quartz, natural stone, or ACM; acrylic solid surface, sintered stone, or porcelain tile; stainless steel, glass, or some other unique surface—Accu-Panel+ systems are engineered to perfectly meet your technical needs. Our strong relationships with some of the world’s largest and best known leaders in cladding manufacturing and supply make us the perfect partner for your unique project. With Accu-Panel+ you’ll get just one spec, a custom turnkey solution that takes into account every aspect of your project. Every challenge, front to back, is carefully considered, and every component seamlessly integrated.

The best designs and the best projects call for the best custom-designed systems. That’s what you need. That’s Accu-Panel+.




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construction SERVICES


“Acculign's innovative designs solve problems as fast as they come up.”

— Project Manager

You’d expect the developers of Acculign Framing Systems to be one of the top providers of construction services in the industry—and that’s exactly what we are. Fortune 50 companies, drawn to our expertise in precision framing systems and cladding installation, continue to send our top-notch crews around the world to execute their highest priority and highest profile projects.

From new builds to remodels, Acculign Services offers the comprehensive finish construction services needed to take your project all the way from design concept  through successful completion.

Our core competencies include:

  • Design-build services
  • Custom framing systems for unique conditions
  • Specialized framing systems (e.g., Unistrut, Acculign, etc.)
  • GC on smaller projects where our scope is primary


Drawing upon decades of international experience in providing specialized commercial construction services, our team brings to each job and project the kind of expertise, focus, and dedication you can rely on. Contact us today to find out how Acculign Services can serve you.





Questions? Want to learn more? Interested in an estimate? Say the word. You can use the contact form below or write a team member directly at the email address provided. We look forward to having the opportunity to share more about how Acculign can make your projects run more smoothly, in less time, and with more precise results, all at a much lower cost.


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